If you want to know the secret of Everything ... You have to start with Nothing (*)

(Max Qubit)

Time is Change

(The Creative Principle)

Start with Nothing. Nothing cannot Exist. Therefore Everything must Exist
Everything is Space (and yes, also Mass is Space). So, there is only Space, and there is not Nothing
(never introduce something redundant, like seperate Mass, if you don't need to ... surely the Gods go by this principle)
If Space changes then it creates Time
Time is the Change of Space
If there is no Change, then there is no Time
(again, never introduce something redundant, like seperate Time, if you don't need to ... as said, surely the Gods go by this principle:)
Therefore static Space cannot really Exist. Or you could say, Static Space exists for Zero Time
Space 'has to' Change to Exist, thereby creating Time
This situation however is a bit weird
Suppose there are 2 states (of Space). State 0 and State 1
Static State 0 cannot Exist, Same for static State 1
When State 0 changes into State 1, Time is created
Strangely enough there is no (defined) state between State 0 and State 1
Seems a bit like the Quantum world
So you could say that ...

There is not Nothing, there is only SpaceTime

So, SpaceTime is Back (great title for a movie:) But as an alternating system
When there is (a defined state of) Space there is no Time. When there is Time there is no (defined state of) Space
Change is 'detected' against the absolute Nothing 'background'
Nothing is the mirror in which Everything sees itself (Consciousness)
We, and the Cosmos, are Conscious of ourselves because of this
This has to be the case otherwise we couldn't see Change and couldn't 'feel' Time

Anyway ...

The task at hand is as follows ...
Rewrite all Equations, now with Time being the Change of Space
Don't forget that you only have Space to work with
So, Mass is 'looped' Space (folded/knotted). Energy is vibrating Space. And changing Space is Time
Because, there is only Space ... that's the Elegance of it
I'm sure we all can agree that the creation of the Gods must per definition be 'pure Elegance'
Do this, and you will get the Unification of Everything
Aka the Theory of Everything

Maybe we should say it is in fact the ...

Theory of Nothing

(*) Nothing needs to be 'realized' to be fully appreciated. Going beyond logic and realizing Nothing is called 'Enlightenment'